Equicoaching discovery morning with France 3

Equicoaching is a method that brings people face to face with horses, recognized for its mirror effect. Are managers getting involved ? It’s a way for them to get to know themselves better. Their aim is to improve their interpersonal skills, so they can better supervise their employees.

Equicoaching is a method inspired by ethology and comes from the United States. It consists of a moment of exchange with a horse, under the watchful eye and supervision of a professional, in order to get to know yourself better.
Horses have great sensory capacities and are particularly sensitive to non-verbal language. They live in the moment and don’t judge.
A true concentrate of emotions, it has a mirror effect. Impossible to lie to an animal ! Impossible to adopt social postures ! This technique helps you get to know yourself better.

An awareness that can be the start of a process of self-improvement. Improving your interpersonal skills and managing your colleagues more effectively – that’s what a consulting firm in the Côte d’Or is proposing, using equicoaching. In C’est votre tour, Amélie Douay takes us into the riding arena of the Etrier de Bourgogne equestrian center in Dijon, where 39 employees come face to face with a horse for an equestrian coaching session.

Amélie Douay’s guests :

  • Sophie Perron, Equine Assisted Professional Development Practitioner.
  • Thierry Cesareo, Director of Azimut Partners.

By meeting the animal, each person comes face to face with « his or her talents and difficulties », under the eye of the coach and a camera.
How do we get in touch with each other ? Are our messages clear ? Do we have confidence in ourselves ? Are we too intrusive or too withdrawn ? …

Self-knowledge that enables managers to work on improving their interpersonal skills to better manage a team.
You don’t have to be a skilled rider to take up equicoaching, as the relationship with the horse is established without actually getting on the horse.
And you don’t have to be a regular rider or be familiar with horses.

A management training method that’s off the beaten track !

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