Better manage your emotions and fears.

Develop your emotional intelligence.

Get messages across quickly and be daring.

Manage stress and urgency.




Being a driver on a racetrack means dealing with stress, urgency, proactivity and, above all, your own emotions.
Accompanied by a driver and a coach, you will analyze these different parameters in real time, to better manage them in your professional life.
On a private track, trainees will discover the basics of driving and then put them into practice on board exceptional vehicles, in stressful situations.
The course will take place at the Dijon Longvic military base, on part of the airport. Various tools will be used: simulators, hyper cars, physiological analysis equipment for stress and emotion management.
Films, debriefings, practical exercises in situations and in the field.


Driving course on the Dijon Prenois circuit, 4 trainees / day.
You will be accompanied by an instructor coach all day long.
For further information, visit www.azimutperformance.com