Who am I ?

2 mots pour mieux comprendre pourquoi nous sommes si différents


Thierry Césaréo




They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.

(Mark TWAIN)


Extreme sports, martial arts, emotional intelligence

A new methodology

When I created Azimut Partners in 2005, I had no idea how this adventure would turn out.
Initially focused on marketing and communication, the results weren’t what I’d hoped for. I then decided to approach various networks specializing in business development and human resources.
With a passion for extreme sports and motor sports, I’ve been looking for new inspirations to infuse different values and methods into our interventions; more motivated than ever to help others grow, to get them to dare what they would never have dared, and to make them aware of their immense capabilities.
In early 2017, we grew from 4 to 29 employees. We now specialize in Goleman’s emotional intelligence and leadership, in the firm belief that people are the key to success, and that tools are worth nothing without the people who use them.

That’s when the solutions to our frustrations become apparent. The frustrations of seeing the dynamics of our interventions gradually fade away once we’ve left the company, the frustrations of seeing a strong desire on the part of hierarchies to help their teams progress, but a lack of involvement and willingness to change on the part of the latter.
Together with our most loyal customers, we build a new methodology combining experiential, practical and self/other discovery through incongruous or even extreme activities. The leitmotiv is to trigger emotions so that trainees remember their learning experience.
The final building block will take shape with the technical and medical support of the trainee’s physiological analysis during certain internships. Indeed, human resources issues have a predominantly intellectual aspect. So, coming from a predominantly technical background, I wanted to bring a factual and pragmatic vision and measurement to the phenomena we experience.

Today, I want to take you where you'd never dare to go and help you to be the best you can be.

Convinced that a success story can come from anyone.

I bring you the keys to build your own.